Winterlite Outdoor Screens

Winterlite screens, owned and manufactured by Homeplus Improvements, are an attractive, affordable, and low-maintenance screening solution that adds value to your home. The aluminium panels are manufactured at our Hindmarsh facilities and then they are powder coated by our local Powder Coaters, Seaforth Powder Coaters.

Winterlite restricts direct sunlight during the summer months while allowing light and warmth to penetrate during winter, providing a wide range of shading variations suitable for almost any outdoor setting.


Winterlite controls both light and heat, offering protection from damaging sunlight. Its durable aluminium construction and secure mounting method mean peace of mind, as Winterlite protects cars, boats and other valuable investments from vandalism and the damaging effects of weather. Winterlite is also fireproof.


Summer fun and swimming are great, but sunburn and other effects of overexposure to the sun are not. Winterlite shields you from sun and heat in summer and holds warm air in winter.


As well as protecting from sun damage, Winterlite also allows moisture through – making it perfect for nurseries, gardens, or any location with growing plants.


Winterlite is great for outdoor living areas, providing shade from direct sun, keeping entertaining areas cool and comfortable and providing shelter from wind. Available in a range of colours to complement your home, Winterlite is a simple and economical solution to outdoor living.


Privacy is an important consideration in any modern suburban environment. Winterlite obscures vision, traps light, and reduces noise levels, offering an invaluable feeling of seclusion to your home.


Winterlite is easy to install, with DIY instructions supplied – and the Homeplus Improvements experts are available to assist with advice and configuration to tailor the screens to your home.

From patios and pergola coverings, to gazebos and windbreaks, Winterlite screens are unique.

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Winterlite Colours


Winterlite Product Information

Panel Sizes:
3m X 800mm (2.4m2)
2.4m X 800mm (1.92m2)

Winterlite Aluminium Structural Capping:
Available in 3.25m lengths, provides structural support to any application. Allows a span of 3m unsupported if used as a privacy screen and 2.5m if used as a pergola covering.

Wind Loadings:
Correctly installed, Winterlite will withstand cyclonic winds to AS 1170.2 – Region C, Category 2.

Joining Panels:
Overlap on width (long edge) is 40 mm
Overlap on ends is approximately 15mm
Panels can be riveted together.


Aluminium Structural Capping

Winterlite now has the added flexibility of a new aluminium structural frame. The new frame is still used as trim for Winterlite, but more importantly it is also being used, and is designed for structural integrity. This channel is available in 3.25m lengths to provide for a mitred edge and if desired there will be a 6.5m option for applications involving more than one sheet.

The Design
The extrusion is essentially a “U” channel which now creates a snug fit around the Winterline and does not exceed the aesthetics of the product. It also provides for a connecting piece whether it be a flat stake or 90 degree angle that allows for a smooth finish.

Fixing Details
It is proposed that the Winterline sheets are fixed to the new extruded rail using an aluminium pop rivet, with a diameter and grip range no less than 4.8-6.4 at approximate spacings of 200mm.

It is possible to secure the frame through the side of the channel, which forms the frame with a self tapping screw or dyna bolt, depending in the surface material the frame is being fastened to.

Winterlite DIY

Click the links to download Winterlite installation guides for Pergola Coverings (PDF, 963kb) and Vertical Privacy Screens (PDF, 976kb).