"We pride ourselves in providing exceptional customer service"

Choosing a building company to extend your home is a difficult and time-consuming exercise. There are so many building companies competing for your business and at a glance they all look the same, including the advertising and website each provides.

“It is not until you meet with a member of our design team that you are able to get a true feel for our company,” says Stephen Davies, Managing Director of Homeplus Improvements. “We pride ourselves in providing exceptional customer service. We offer a free design and consultation service irrespective of how much time we spend with the client. Spending time getting the design and meeting the needs of the client is critical to the success of the project, so why would we charge for our time?”

Homeplus Improvements provide written, detailed specifications during quoting to ensure the clients have a complete understanding of what is being included, and provide a fixed price contract so there are no nasty surprises during the construction period. Homeplus manages the entire construction process for each client, from dealing with council and legislative requirements through to the final finishes. ”We do have some clients who wish to complete the finishing touches themselves, which we are more than happy to accommodate,” says Davies.

If you would like to meet with one of the Homeplus design team and see how they can help you realise your dream home, give them a call on 8346 2222 or send email to admin@homeplus.com.au.