Under cover with Winterlite

Curb harsh effects of the sun or bolster privacy with Winterlite aluminium screening. Manufactured in South Australia and distributed throughout the Pacific region by Homeplus Improvements, Winterlite is an attractive, affordable, and low-maintenance screening solution that adds value to your home.

Used for the top of new or existing pergolas, it can be directed in such a way that sun is let in in the cool winter months and hot sun out is kept out late in the afternoon when summer returns. This is possible because the design imprint of Winterlite sheets is not flat - rather, they have something like a "little wave finish" pressed out.

Winterlite is great for using on the side of verandahs and pergolas, creating a great privacy screen. The sheets can be angled when installed in such a way that you can see out but not in. Winterlite's unique shape also stops the heat from being trapped inside. Winterlite screens are also ideal for protecting cars from hot afternoon sun.

Winterlite is made from high-quality aluminium, powder-coated so buyers can choose any colour. And once installed, there's no ongoing maintenance or repainting required.

It's a cost-effective no-maintenance way to improve your home's look, and a great way to control the sun. It's easy for the home handy-person to install - or we can do it for you.

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