Queensland Enclosures

Stretching out has never been so simple. The perfect way to turn your patio into usable all-year space. Close it for warmth in winter and open for cool summer breezes.

Perhaps you want a games room, space to entertain, or just somewhere to relax. The Queensland Enclosure creates the perfect indoor and outdoor living area all year round.

The Queensland Enclosure's unique sash system simply pulls up from the low-height wall. The panels are meshed to keep out insects, and with sashes stacked up to 80% of the wall area is open to allow a free flow of cooling air on hot summer days. Alternatively, choose full vision with the panoramic-height wall.

When closed the unbreakable vinyl material will exclude the elements. The vinyl is so tough, no matter how much you stretch it, it will always return to its original shape.

A Queensland Enclosure is the perfect way to turn patio space into usable space, all year round.

See more examples in our online gallery.

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