Home extensions - choose Homeplus Improvements

Your home is your biggest investment. So when you decide to add that home extension, it makes sense to use a reputable firm with 30 years experience - like Homeplus Improvements!  We take great pride in our work, employ only licenced builders, and we are a family-run business - we understand your needs as your family gets bigger.

Homeplus Improvements takes care of the entire process: council approval; engineers; plans and drawings; and concreters, plumbers, and electricians, all of whom are long-term trusted Homeplus contractors. Our salesmen help you design what you want, listen to your ideas, and work with you to give you the best basing to suit your house. We also monitor and ensure compliance with all government environmental and thermal standards.

Our home extensions are built with frames of steel, offering piece of mind in this era of termite damage. We use premium aluminium cladding for exterior walls - durable pre-painted panelling, with a ten-year guarantee on the paint and a lifespan far beyond that. Homeplus Improvements cladding is pre-insulated with polystyrene, and when combined with r2 insulation in the walls outperforms all other products. Our cladding keeps your home cool in summer, warm in winter, and  minimises your home's overall carbon footprint.  This all adds up to a great home extension you can enjoy for many years.

We also pride ourselves on being very competitive with our pricing, and even if you’re not looking at commencing your home extension for another six months we're more than happy to come out right now and make sure everything is prepared in advance.

Why move? Just improve!

Give us a call on (08) 8346 2222 or email us at admin@homeplus.com.au to request a free no-obligation measure and quote.

Steve Davies

General Manager Homeplus Improvements