Editorial: Homeplus Improvements in a word

How to describe Homeplus Improvements in one word? In searching for a word that best describes Homeplus Improvements, the first word that came to mind was "iconic". Homeplus has been building home additions for a long time in South Australia -- three decades at least. Rooms, bedrooms, studies, family rooms, verandahs, and carports too. Surely a successful local company that has been serving South Australia for so long could be seen as iconic?

"Leader"? To be a leader in home improvements sounds a bit bland, don’t you think? Many companies describe themselves as leaders. And while Homeplus Improvements is surely a leader in the field of home extensions, perhaps the word is too over-used.

"Unique" certainly comes to mind. Homeplus Improvements certainly provides a unique range of products. Permalum cladding, for example, is unique in the home extension industry. Permalum is an aluminium siding with a thermal rating equivalent to a wall three bricks thick, and in these days of heating and cooling carbon footprints that must surely rate as unique. Unique, I think, is a great way to describe Homeplus Improvements' products. To be maintenance-free is unique. Imagine no painting! Colour is manufactured into the metal during the forming process and is far superior to, say, a colour-bonding paint, outlasting even powder coating in the durability stakes. How would you like to have a house that only needed painting once every sixty-five years? Use Permalum aluminium cladding!

Yes, "unique" is a great word to describe Homeplus Improvements' products. "Iconic" is a great word to describe Homeplus Improvements status in the South Australian home improvement industry. Still... there must be a single word that describes the company?

I personally will opt for "honest". Homeplus and its people are honest in their dealings with their customers and clients. Honest products that are far superior. That’s it: honest. Homeplus Improvements, South Australia’s honest home extension company.

John Allan Homeplus Improvements